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I have been doing small asphalt repairs and the like in Christchurch for nearly 20 years

Driveway repairs and maintenance

Types of work

  • Repairs to driveways and carparks.
  • Additions to driveways turning bays etc.
  • Concrete and asphalt cutting, breaking and removal.
  • Small excavation works.
  • CCTV pipeline inspection and DVD recording.
  • Drain cleaning, water blasting and root cutting.
  • Drainage repairs (Done by registered drain layer where required).

Repairing the footpath

Client base

Over the past 20 years my clients include:

  • Power companies for their network upgrades.
  • Telecommunication companies for their line repairs.
  • Yard and facility maintenance for Major corporate companies.
  • Schools.
  • Drain layers and plumbers.
  • Rest homes.
  • Many small businesses and private individuals.

Quality path repairs and patches